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WCA | CSA Group's Infection Control during Construction in Healthcare Facilities

December 1 2022 to December 2 2022

CSA Group's Infection Control during Construction in Healthcare Facilities

The construction, renovation and maintenance of health care facilities brings specific risks associated with potentially fatal infection and illness. Preventing and controlling infection while these activities take place requires the implementation and support of preventive measures intended to protect patients, staff, and visitors from potential harm. Focusing on the application of the CSA Z317.13:22, Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities standard, you will learn how to address necessary measures and help control infection risk in health care facilities.

This is a two-part course, delivered back-to-back days. You will earn a Certificate of Completion after you successfully complete the training and evaluation component.

This course is presented in partnership with the CSA Group.

Part 1 - Fundamentals of Infection Control during construction

  • Describe the "Body of Knowledge" that encompasses the new CSA Z317.13:22 Standard
  • Recognize basic definitions related to the CSA Z317.13:22 Standard
  • Describe examples of known contaminations and their sources
  • Determine procedures that are appropriate for infection prevention and control
  • List key prevention procedures related to construction at Healthcare Facilities
  • Develop an appropriate Risk Assessment as it relates to construction at health care facilities
  • Identify the proper placement of dust control barriers and tools used to achieve infection prevention and controlled environment during construction
  • Describe infection prevention and control measures
  • Apply infection prevention and control measures after construction
  • Employ mold remediation at your healthcare facility
  • Describe appropriate remedial measures

Part 2 - Effective Implementation and Practical Applications of infection control
Building on the foundation established by Part 1: Fundamentals of Infection Control during Construction, you will gain insight into the latest developments and requirements of this critical field and acquire practical knowledge on how to apply the necessary measures to help control risk.


  • Describe the steps used to get the right information
  • Describe the steps used in building the right people
  • Describe the steps used to get the right gear
  • Identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies
  • Establish or describe the risks associated with renovation work on domestic water systems
  • Develop and maintain monitoring programs
  • Explain the application of the Standard to new construction

What's Included:

  • Participant Guides:
    • Brief content summary
    • Planning for Mold Remediation
    • CSA Z317.13:22 Changes
  • Activity Floor Plan
  • Health Canada Study (CCDR 27S2) - Canada Communicable Disease Report 2001
  • EACC Performance Leak Testing Guideline
  • CDC Water Management Program Guideline
  • CSA Z317.13:22, Infection control during construction, renovation, and maintenance of health care facilities standard

Intended Audience
Designed for those who work in existing or new construction of healthcare facilities, such as:

  • Facility maintenance managers and project managers
  • General and Trade Contractors: Site superintendents, Forepersons and Project Managers
  • Designers and Engineers

Your instructor possesses many years of experience in the health care engineering field as well as in-depth knowledge of directly applicable CSA Group health care engineering standards. You'll be guided through an intensive program of study developed by a team of industry professionals while participating in interactive exercises designed to provide practical knowledge and understanding of infection prevention and control practices that help protect patients, staff and visitors during construction and renovation activities.

Gordon D. Burrill, Teegor Consulting Inc.
Gordon, President of Teegor Consulting Inc., an international consulting firm specializing in healthcare engineering and construction. He spent 13 years as a design engineer, followed by 7 years as the Director of the Engineering for a New Brunswick Health Authority in Canada before branching out to Teegor Consulting Inc. in August of 2004.

He is a Registered Professional Engineer with 30 years of experience in the design, construction, operations and maintenance of healthcare facilities and is both a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (in Canada and the USA) and a Certified Healthcare Constructor. He is a former Council Member of the International Federation for Hospital Engineers and Past President of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society. Gordon is currently the chair of CSA Group's Technical Committee for Health Care Facilities and vice-chair of their Technical Subcommittee for Design and Construction of Canadian Healthcare Facilities.

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