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WCA | Avoiding (and Managing) Construction Disputes on a Project

January 26 2023

Avoiding (and Managing) Construction Disputes on a Project

Disputes happen on construction projects all the time, for many different reasons. Ideally your project can avoid this, but it's possible that you'll face a dispute of some form. Disputes can add to the challenges faced in project management and create distractions as well as larger issues for projects if they are not managed. Disputes, and their impacts, can be mitigated in several ways, including considerations made at early stages of projects, contract awareness, contract management, change management, communications, and relationships.

This course will provide an overview of the common factors that cause project overruns in cost and/or time and resultant construction claims/disputes, as well as project warning signs. The course will discuss the project lifecycle, including considerations to support dispute avoidance and effective dispute management at the different stages of the project. You'll explore contracting strategies, contract awareness/administration, and the importance of project controls, documentation and communication. Change order and claim development, and best practices for preparing and presenting complex change orders and claims that may involve delay and/or loss of productivity, will be discussed, along with the various stages of resolving disputes and what may be required at each stage.


  • Factors that cause project overruns in cost and/or time and result in construction claims

  • Contracts and the contract administration issues that pertain to construction disputes

  • Schedules, project controls, documentation, and communication

  • Analysis and cost quantification methodologies used to present change orders and claims

  • Means and methods of resolving disputes

Intended Audience
Every Project Manager, Estimating and Superintendent needs to take this! Don't wait until you find yourself in a claim to take this course.

Suzanne Checkryn, Revay and Associates Limited
Suzanne Checkryn, P.Eng., PMP, MBA, is a professional engineer with 25 years of experience working in engineering, construction, and consulting. Throughout her career, Suzanne has worked with major firms to complete projects on schedule and to overcome significant engineering and construction challenges. She has been involved in a variety of projects, including multibillion-dollar projects with complex engineering, supply chain, construction, project controls, risk management, and change management requirements. Suzanne has extensive field experience working with owners, engineers, consultants, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

In her current role as Revay's Director, Prairies, Suzanne is responsible for the firm's Calgary office which services Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. She has completed numerous mandates involving delay, loss of productivity, and cost quantification. She has been retained as expert for referee, mediation, arbitration, and litigation, and is a qualified expert.

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