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WCA | Building Knowledge: The Construction Industry Explained

December 7 2022 to December 8 2022

Building Knowledge: The Construction Industry Explained

Are you new to the construction industry or a longtime employee interested in understanding all the pieces of the industry? Building Knowledge: The Construction Industry Explained (formerly known as Construction 101) is designed to put the pieces of the construction industry puzzle together. Participants have called this session a Master's Program in construction because of the vast and valuable information you'll learn.

This two-day session breaks down the complexity of the construction industry by showing how various stakeholders - owners, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers fit into the industry. You'll have the chance to try out a variety of activities which will help you appreciate project delivery all the way from concept to closeout. All skills are aimed to help your company be more efficient and effective in improving the bottom line.

This is the one course that all WCA employees take when they are hired - we recommend it to every single person coming into the industry!


  • Introduction to the construction industry: Roles and responsibilities

  • Construction documents: Bid documents and format of drawings

  • Tendering, bidding and awarding of contracts: Calling and receiving bids

  • Format of contracts: Features and types

  • Risk management: Bonding and construction insurance

  • Legal matters: Basic principles and typical contract

  • Project management and administration: Start-up to closeout basics

  • How construction associations can help

Debbie Hicks, DSH Consulting

With a comprehensive education background (diploma in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, teaching credential and in-progress MBA), learning has been at the core of Debbie's career. As former president of the Southern Interior Construction Association in B.C. for 22 years, liaising with the buyers of construction services, architects, engineers and contractors in advocacy and education, Debbie brings a solid base to her expertise. In addition, Debbie's recent experience as the owner rep for Kelowna Yacht Club's clubhouse construction has provided additional perspective. Through these experiences and teaching techniques she brings both knowledge and interaction to the classroom - creating an ideal learning environment.

Plus Industry Guest Speakers!

Intended Audience
New and longtime employees who are interested in understanding all the pieces of the construction industry, including:

  • Contractors (general and trades)

  • Buyers of Construction Services (municipalities and school districts)

  • Design Consultants (engineers and architects)

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