Winnipeg, Manitoba

ArchitectureAward of Excellence

5468796 Architecture Inc.
Owner/Client: Green Seed Development Corporation


Architect: 5468796 Architecture Inc.
Structural Engineer: Lavergne Draward and Associates Inc.
Mechanical Engineer: G. D. Stasynec & Associates Ltd.
Electrical Engineer: MCW/AGE Consulting Professional Engineers
Contractors: Green Seed Development Corporation | Holz Constructors Inc.
Photographer: James Brittain Photography


Bloc_10 strives to re-invent the condominium. Each unit crosses from one side of the building to the other as they ascend over three levels, providing multi-directional outside views for each suite. Cantilevered projections expand rooms, create balconies and provide support for a screen of vertical wood slats that unifies the façade.

The 10-unit project is modeled after a ‘white-box’ concept where each buyer purchases an unfinished unit with basic systems installed, allowing them to decide which rooms and finishes they would like on each floor.


Bloc_10 shows that more can be done with less by an architect with a commitment to design excellence. This building, while modest, provides a wide range of unit types, each with its own character. The interlocking interior planning creates dynamic spaces allowing for the flexibility necessary in a residential environment.

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