Buildings Requiring an Architect in the Province of Manitoba

In Manitoba, it is required by law for an architect to be involved in the design and construction of most public use and large buildings (e.g., schools, hospitals, shopping malls, multi-family residential). You do not require the services of an architect to build or renovate a single-family house or other small-scale buildings for certain uses.

Whether or not your project requires an architect by law, there are many advantages to retaining one. Architects are professionals with extensive training and experience in design and construction. They can:

  • Help you to establish goals and objectives for your project and turn ideas into three-dimensional solutions.
  • Inform you of building regulations and secure approvals from regulatory agencies.
  • Manage the building process on your behalf from start to finish, working to ensure your goals are met.
  • Add quality and value to your project by enhancing its functional, aesthetic and financial success. The higher quality of design, the higher the value of the project.

For information concerning projects requiring an architect's involvement:

Buildings Requiring an Architect in the Province of Manitoba