To be eligible for licencing as an architect, all candidates must successfully complete a slate of professional examinations. In Manitoba, you must be an Intern Member of the MAA to be eligible to sit for the ExAC.


The Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC) was jointly developed by the Ontario, Quebec and Alberta Associations of Architects and is intended to test the minimum standards of competency acquired by an Intern during the Internship period, to ensure both public safety and the professional and skilled delivery of architectural service. It was delivered for the first time in fall of 2008 and all provincial/territorial associations in Canada have now adopted the examination.

The ExAC is administered in a paper and pencil format. Interns must have 2800 hours of experience recorded in the Canadian Experience Record Book and submitted for approval to one of the provincial/territorial associations in Canada, to be eligible to sit for the ExAC and it is recognized for licencing throughout Canada.

The ExAC is comprised for four sections, which must be completed over a period of two consecutive days, as follows:

  • ExAC Section 1
  • ExAC Section 2
  • ExAC Section 3
  • ExAC Section 4

Study materials for the ExAC are available from the MAA office.

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