The MAA is governed by a Council comprised of:

  • Eight (8) MAA Registered Members residing in the Province of Manitoba, elected for a four-year term (two elected each year).
  • Two (2) MAA Interns residing in the Province of Manitoba, elected for a two-year term (one elected each year).
  • Two (2) public representatives appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba.
  • One (1) staff member of the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Architecture who is a MAA Registered Member, appointed by the Council in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty. This Council position is appointed for a two-year term and can be appointed for consecutive terms.

There is also provision for:

  • A Registered Member to serve a fifth year on Council in the office of President.
  • The immediate Past-President of the MAA as an ex-officio member to Council.
  • Two student representatives as non-voting observers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Control and manage the affairs and business of the MAA, including any real or personal property.
  • Elect or appoint officers of the MAA.
  • Approve and grant memberships in the MAA.
  • Approve and grant Certificates of Approval to corporations to practice architecture.
  • Pass, amend, repeal or re-enact MAA By-Laws (Note: Changes to By-Laws are subject to a 2/3 majority vote of the Registered Members at the Annual or Special General Meeting called for that purpose).
  • Establish application fees, annual dues and levies to members.
  • Appoint members to MAA Standing Committees.
  • Appoint members to represent the MAA to other organizations or act in an advisory capacity on matters affecting the interests of the architectural profession.
  • Appoint and delegate responsibilities and authority to ad hoc committees to address matters of relevance to the MAA that may arise.
  • Employ and remunerate any persons required to carry on the work of the MAA.
  • Accept donations or purchase books, periodicals, tapes, journals, etc. for a library for use by members of the MAA.

Current Council Members

Marten Duhoux

First Vice-President
Jon Trenholm

Second Vice-President & Treasurer
Hélio Rodrigues

Immediate Past-President
Doug Hanna

Travis Cooke
Kyle Lewkowich
Jennifer Reynolds
Rina Ricci
K. Todd White

Faculty of Architecture Representative
Ralph Stern

Lay Representative
Barbara Boroskae
Cora Eaton

Intern Representatives
Michael Butterworth
Jessica Westervelt