MAA Practice Bulletins

Practice Bulletins are issued by the MAA to provide guidance to members.

Regulatory Bulletins

The Architects Act, MAA By-Laws and Code of Ethics govern both members of the MAA and the practice of architecture in the Province of Manitoba. Of particular importance are the ethical and professional conduct standards to which members are held.

The Code of Ethics sets out general principles governing the profession, and the MAA By-Laws provide more specific standards of ethical and professional conduct. Regulatory Bulletins provide guidance and further clarity regarding how the Code of Ethics and By-Laws can be interpreted and applied to specific situations in the practice of architecture.

Current Regulatory Bulletins

Practice Management Bulletins

Practice Management Bulletins provide general guidance in the internal management of a practice. For specific advice on management issues, the MAA urges members to consult professionals as appropriate.

General Practice Bulletins

General Practice Bulletins provide guidance to members regarding general matters of practice, including standard contracts and services.

Current General Practice Bulletins