Licencing / Registration

Once the three Common Admission Standards (Education, Experience and Examination) have been satisfied, Intern Members may apply for a license/registration to practice architecture in Manitoba. Applicants must review certain documents governing the practice of architecture in Canada.

To practice architecture in Manitoba, you must become a Registered Member of the MAA. The licensing/registration process is completed through an application process with the MAA.

Canadian Reciprocity Agreement

The Reciprocity Agreement of Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities has been in effect since January 1, 1992 and provides for the recognition of credentials of architects who are registered or licensed in one of the provincial/territorial associations in Canada. The Agreement allows applicants to be granted registered membership in a reciprocating association, without further examination or interview, provided that the applicant holds current membership in in a provincial/territorial association and there are no past or pending issues in another jurisdiction with respect to their competency, conduct or character, which might affect the public interest.

Inter-Recognition Agreement (Canada/USA)

The Inter-Recognition Agreement Between the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and the Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils (CCAC) was signed on July 1, 1994 and provides for reciprocal licensing/registration among jurisdictions in Canada and the USA.

The Agreement allows applicants who have obtained NCARB Certification (on the basis of terms defined for Canadian architects) to be granted registration to practice architecture in the participating jurisdictions in the USA, without any further demonstration of qualification, other than evidence of familiarity with local laws, conditions, and practice requirements.

The Agreement applies only to those architects who have obtained NCARB Certification and whose principal place of practice is located within a jurisdiction that is a participant to the Agreement.

Foreign Applicants Outside Canada and The USA

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