Executive Committee


  • MAA President
  • MAA Vice-President
  • MAA Treasurer
  • Immediate Past-President of the MAA


  • MAA President

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Review, wherever practical, all materials and issues before consideration by Council.
  • Administer the regular business affairs of the MAA, including budgeting, financial affairs, record keeping and staff support to Council.
  • Appoint members to the MAA Investigation Committee.
  • Receive Investigation Committee reports on complaints of misconduct and incompetence of members and:
    • Direct what action, if any, is to be taken.
    • Direct what charge(s), if any, are to be made.
    • Direct the terms and issue a formal censure, if such resolution is deemed appropriate and agreed to by the member concerned.
    • Determine what information and decisions from a proceeding will be released to MAA Members and the public at large.
    • Impose an interim suspension or conditions of practice on a member, where a formal inquiry has been ordered and such action is deemed to be in the public interest.