Canadian Reciprocity Agreement

The Reciprocity Agreement of Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities has been in effect since January 1, 1992 and provides for the recognition of credentials of architects who are registered or licensed in one of the provincial/territorial associations in Canada. In accordance with the provisions of domestic trade agreements which have been implemented by government, the following eligibility requirements and conditions came into effect January 1, 2010:


  1. Each jurisdiction in Canada has agreed to license/register an Architect who is licensed/registered in another province or territory, who meets the conditions set out below.
  2. Each jurisdiction in Canada has the authority to either refuse to license/register an Architect or to impose terms, conditions or restrictions on an applicant's license/registration, where such action might be considered necessary to protect the public interest, if there are complaints or disciplinary or criminal proceedings in any other jurisdiction which relate to the competency, conduct or character of the Architect.


To be licensed/registered as an Architect in another jurisdiction in Canada under the terms of the Canadian Reciprocity Agreement, the Architect must:

  • Complete and submit to the province/territory an application for license/registration in the standard form
  • Obtain and attest to sufficient knowledge of the laws governing the profession of architecture in the province/territory in which the application is being made and comply with the laws
  • Pay the required fees