OMS Stage

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Small ProjectsAward of Excellence

5468796 Architecture Inc.
Owner/Client: City of Winnipeg | Exchange District BIZ


Architect: 5468796 Architecture Inc.
Structural Engineer: Lavergne Draward and Associates Inc.
Electrical Engineer: Williams Engineering Canada Inc.
Lighting: Ambiances Design Productions
Metal Fabricator: KlarTech Inc.
Contractor: Green Seed Development Corporation
Photographers: James Brittain Photography


The OMS Stage is a concrete cube enclosed by a flexible metal membrane. The design dismisses the forlorn band shell concept of a conventional stage. It is multi-functional and serves as a sculptural focal point, a performance space, and an interactive pavilion. The Cube is a public amenity with year-round relevance.


The OMS Stage redefines the idea of a performance space and, through its material components, contributes its own playful and engaging presence. The project redefines the Old Market Square as a “place” not only with a past but with a future. It animates the entire square through its shimmering steel membrane – by day and night throughout the year.

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