Stantec's Downtown Winnipeg Office

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Interior DesignAward of Merit

Stantec Architecture Ltd.
Owner/Client: Stantec


Interior Designer: Stantec Architecture Ltd.
Architect: Stantec Architecture Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Mechanical Engineer: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Electrical Engineer: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Civil Engineer: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Environmental Consultant: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
LEED Consultant: Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Contractor: Nova-Con Projects Ltd.


A simple colour palette of black, white, and yellow combined with concrete, steel, and glass contrasts elegant materials and sophisticated details with the rawness of the exposed building materials and systems.

Views within the space are enhanced by centrally locating offices and meeting rooms. The fronts of private offices and internal meeting rooms are constructed with floor to ceiling glass and space is created with freestanding storage units instead of walls. This transparency combined with two multi-storey light-wells provides much needed access to natural light.


Simplicity and elegance set Stantec’s office apart. The careful detailing of offices and interior furnishings, convey a sense of utilitarian beauty and aesthetic ambition. There is consistent spatial logic in the arrangement of work, meeting, and social spaces. The central light wells provide generous daylight to the office interiors. The interior design has a strong connection with the exterior architecture, delivering a unified and consistent design.

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