Requirements for an Architectural Corporation

  • The primary and customary business of the corporation must be the practice of architecture, which must be conducted under the direct personal supervision and responsibility of one or more permanent employees or shareholders who are MAA Registered Members.
  • The corporation must carry professional liability insurance as prescribed by the MAA Council.
  • A majority of the directors and at least one officer of the corporation must be MAA Registered Members.
  • The beneficial ownership of the majority of voting shares of the corporation must be vested in MAA Registered Members*.
  • The corporate name and letterhead must satisfy the requirements outlined in Section 13.8 of the MAA By-Laws.
  • The corporation must obtain a Certificate of Approval from the MAA on an annual basis.

*Beneficial ownership of the majority of voting shares through another corporate entity is only permitted if the other corporation also meets the requirements and obtains its own Certificate of Approval from the MAA.

Note: Individuals other than MAA Registered Members may be actively involved in the corporation.

The corporate entity must first be legally established in the Province of Manitoba and registered with the Manitoba Corporations Branch (an extra-provincial registration must be obtained by non-resident corporations). Click here for information and applications for incorporating a business in Manitoba.

The name of the corporation must follow the guidelines under Section 13.8 of the MAA By-Laws. When registering with the Corporations Branch, you must submit written permission from the MAA to use the word "architect" or variant in a corporate name.

Application forms for a Certificate of Approval must be signed by all Directors of the corporation who are either MAA Registered Members or applying for membership. There are two forms:

The completed application forms must be attached with:

  • A notarized copy of the Articles of Incorporation, confirming the information provided in the application.
  • Note: Non-resident corporations must also provide satisfactory evidence of the Certificate of Registration in the Province of Manitoba.
  • Evidence of a minimum of $250,000 in liability coverage for the corporation.
  • A copy of the proposed letterhead to be used by the corporation.
  • An application fee of $787.50

Applications for Registered Membership(s) and the Certificate of Approval may be submitted at the same time.