Life Members

Council may admit as a Life Member any Registered Member (Retired) who has, in the opinion of Council, practiced the profession with distinction.


Life Members are entitled to:

  • Use the title "Architect (Retired)" or the initials "M.A.A. (Retired)" after his/her name.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings, except those designated by vote as open to Registered Members only.
  • Receive the MAA electronic bulletin and other correspondence to the membership from the MAA.

Life Members are not required to pay any annual dues or levies.


Nomination for Life Membership must be submitted in writing to Council and signed by not less than five Registered Members. Consent of the nominee is not required. The nomination must be accompanied by a biographical outline of the nominee.

Election of Life Members is by a majority vote of the Council at a regular or special Council meeting.