Requirements for a Joint A/E Partnership

  • The primary and customary business of the firm must be both the practice of engineering and the practice of architecture.
  • The practice of architecture must be conducted by, or under the direct personal supervision and responsibility of, one or more permanent employees or partners who are MAA Registered Members.
  • The firm must carry professional liability insurance as prescribed by the MAA Council.
  • All of the partners of the firm must be either Professional Engineers who are registered with APEGM or APEGM Professional Engineers and MAA Registered Members.
  • No one other than APEGM Professional Engineers or MAA Registered Members may be associated with the practice.
  • The firm name and letterhead must satisfy the requirements outlined in Section 13.8 of the MAA By-Laws.
  • The firm must have a valid Certificate of Authorization from the APEGM.
  • The partnership must obtain a Certificate of Approval from the MAA on an annual basis.


The application form for a Certificate of Approval must be signed by all partners in the firm. A written undertaking must be signed by any MAA Registered Member accepting responsibility for the practice of architecture by the firm.

The completed application forms must be attached with:

  • Evidence of a valid Certificate of Authorization from APEGM.
  • Evidence that the partners, as applicable, are Professional Engineers registered with APEGM.
  • Evidence of a minimum of $250,000 in liability coverage for the firm, including the practice of architecture by MAA Registered Member(s).
  • A copy of the proposed letterhead to be used by the firm.
  • An application fee of $787.50